Compressed Air Services

RG Mechanical Services is able to supply a complete range of air compressor products and services. We are the official distributors/stockists for a large number of OEM’s inc:

  • Worthington Creyssensac
  • Mark Compressors
  • Beko Technologies
  • Transair

We can service and support a wide variety of compressed air equipment covering all the various manufacturers within the industry. Significant investment in technical training, spare parts and hands on expertise both on site and off enable us to provide the highest level of service to all our customers.

At RG Mechanical Services, we’re compressed air system specialists and our engineers specialise in both the design and commissioning of compressed air systems and the supply and installation of new and used compressed air
machinery, as well as the repair and maintenance of existing equipment . We’ll ensure you that whether you’re buying new machinery or having your current model serviced, you get the maximum output from it.

Compressed air systems can be temperamental pieces of machinery. Leaks can cause machinery to lose power and operate at reduced efficiency rates. There are so many parts of a system where air can leak from and that it is much more cost effective to invest money in a quality installed system.

A poorly designed compressed air system can mean increased energy consumption and bills, cause equipment failure, reduce production efficiency, and increase maintenance costs. It is important to consider that additional costs spent improving or purchasing a new compressed air piping system, will pay for themselves many times over in the long run. So choosing or commissioning the right system for your company’s needs is vital to both efficiency and cost effectiveness. At RG Mechanical Services, our engineers will visit your premises and assess your requirements for a compressed air system, they will then design and present you with a system that is especially suited to your company’s requirements and professionally installed to ensure maximum output. For more information on our services you can contact us using our online contact form found on the contact page, or call us on 01253 692743 today to arrange a detailed consultation.